Angl is Patrick van der Hijden’s one-person company.


I develop and program events like seminars, debates, talkshows and conferences and brainstorms. And I develop storylines for brands, films and exhibitions. I’m a seasoned host for debates, seminars and talkshows.

Creativity, proactivity and a keen eye for relations and organisational culture. That’s what I bring to the table. I’m at my best in situations that ask for change and when cooperation is important and sometimes hard. My best roles are: moderator, strategic advisor, developer, pioneer and project lead at te starting phase of projects.


Angl is a single-seater company, but I hardly ever work alone. Together with other professionals, from consultants to designers, we realise the full potential of our clients’s projects. Angl’s partners also help in forming and tweaking ideas and concepts. That’s why Angl is part of a network of other good companies and shares its office space with other small-and-beautiful companies.


CLIENTS, a selection

  • Mondriaanhuis | fundraising & concept for the redesign of Mondrian’s birthplace | w/ Tinker imagineers | 2015-current
  • Asielzoekmachine / Asylum Search Engine | developer and moderator national brainstorms about asylum policy as part of transmedia project | 2016
  • City Library Utrecht | development platform for debate & dialogue | spring 2016 – current
  • Maison Cailler, Suisse | corporate storytelling, concept & content visitor attraction on the Cailler chocolate brand, w/ Tinker imagineers | 2014-2015
  • Utrecht Academy of Art & Design (HKU) | developer & moderator strategic conferences | 2012-current
  • Humanity House The Hague | talkshows, program- and exhibition development | 2013-2014
  • Het Nationale Toneel / The National Theatre The Hague | debate & interviews about and around the shows | 2013-2016
  • Atradius | developer & moderator broker conferences New York City | together with Something Else | 2011
  • Vrije Universiteit / VUconnected (Free University of Amsterdam) | program director CSR | 2010-2011
  • Utrecht European Capital of Culture 2018 | editor, moderator | 2010-2011
  • Music Palace Venue, Utrecht | campaign developer | together with Bureau BlauwGeel | 2010-2011
  • PICNIC / UPC | program developer executive dinner | together with Wink & Urbi et Orbi | 201
  • Ministry of the Interior | crowdsourcing campaign developer | together with Bureau KLB | 2010
  • Rabobank Nederland | internal branding campaign developer Rabocanon (Bank With Ideas) & Samen de Bank (One Bank Together) | together with Studio Breedbeeld | 2009-2010
  • Ministry of Agriculture | program developer strategic conferences | 2009 & 2010
  • Van Gogh Village Nuenen | developer storyline | together with Tinker imagineers | 2009-2010
  • Essent Energy | developer branding sessions | 2009


Born June 8, 1973

Adress Zonnenburg 1, 3512 NL  Utrecht, The Netherlands

Phone +31 6 41472191

Digital patrick@angl.nl | www.angl.nl | @pacvanderhijden | LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/patrick-van-der-hijden/4/521/985

Patrick van der Hijden did an MA in art history, he is fluent in Dutch and English

(Angl: it’s a fantasy name, suggesting both oversight (the right angle) and sharpness (‘angel’ means ‘sting’ in Dutch))

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